Civil & Building

Kum Shing was founded as a civil and building contractor with a strong reputation for its broad range of roads and drainage works throughout different areas of Hong Kong. Today, our focus has shifted towards developing a prominent presence in tunneling services, encompassing both open and underground excavation. Recognizing the need for alternative solutions to minimize the impact of constructing and maintaining the city’s underground utility infrastructure in sensitive areas, we have taken significant steps to enhance our trenchless capabilities. This includes acquiring tunnel boring machines and dedicating resources to train a team of skilled technicians and operators, all under the guidance of qualified engineers.

In addition, we have successfully completed numerous building construction projects, ranging from large industrial facilities to educational institution facilities and high-rise housing apartments. As we expand our portfolio, we are placing increased emphasis on building maintenance services. By delivering timely, high-quality, and environmental-friendly design and build services, we have established a track record of satisfying the demanding facility management needs of our clients in the utilities and transportation sectors.

Furthermore, we have amassed extensive experience in various aspects of construction, including foundation and superstructure works. We have particularly excelled in building services, with a strong focus on MVAC (mechanical, ventilation, air conditioning), and environmental lighting systems. Moving forward, we are committed to further enhancing our in-house design capabilities, enabling us to compete for more prestigious addition and alteration works, as well as interior fitting out projects.

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