Governance Structure

The Board of Directors (the“BOD”)

The BOD, being the highest governance body of Kum Shing, has the overall responsibility for sustainability and climate-related matters. It is chaired by the Group’s Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) and composed of Executive Directors and Non-executive Directors. The BOD ensures sustainability and climate-related matters are incorporated into governance, strategy, decision making, risk management and reporting.

The Group Executive Management Committee (“GEMC”)

The GEMC oversees the Group’s strategic direction on sustainability and climate-related matters and approves major priorities to improve sustainability performance and reporting. Chaired by the Group’s CEO, the GEMC comprises Executive Directors, Directors and senior executives.

The Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee, appointed by the BOD, undertakes the responsibility of overseeing the management of the Group’s sustainability and climate-related matters. It is chaired by the Chief Operating Officer (“COO”) and composed of the senior management of key Business Support Functions. As outlined in the Terms of Reference of the Sustainability Committee, the Sustainability Committee meets at least once a year and has the following roles and responsibilities:


During the Year, the Sustainability Committee conducted stakeholder survey and reviewed the material issues identified through the materiality assessment, led sustainability reporting, and reviewed and updated the Group’s policies on sustainability matters for CEO’s endorsement. We plan to communicate all sustainability-related Group’s policies to all employees through making email announcements and having them available on the corporate intranet.

Moving ahead, to achieve continual advancement of sustainability performance, we will enhance the collective knowledge, skills, and experience of the BOD through regular training activities, and develop a sustainability strategy that aligns with our business objectives and stakeholders’ concerns.

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