Corporate Profile

Founded in 1963

Kum Shing has been playing a leading role in the development, operation and maintenance of Hong Kong’s energy infrastructure for decades. With over 2,000 employees in locations across the region and multibillion-dollar active contracts, Kum Shing offers a full range of customized and specialized services in civil, building, electrical, and mechanical engineering for clients in the power utilities, transportation sector, and works departments of the HKSAR Government.

Our clients include CLP Power, HK Electric, MTR Corporation, Airport Authority, the Environmental Protection Department, the Drainage Services Department, the Highways Department, and etc.

700 +
Full time staff
300 +
Full time workers
850 +
Manpower supply workforce
1,600 +
Subcontractor workforce
Fellows of HKIE
Chartered Engineers
Authorized Persons
Competent Persons

Benefiting from its in-depth understanding of infrastructure related challenges and ability to follow through, Kumshing is the only private enterprise providing comprehensive and multidisciplinary engineering solutions to the entire electricity supply system from generation, transmission, distribution to utilization, assisting the power utilities in achieving a world-class supply reliability of over 99.999%.

In the face of latest economic and technology trends, Kumshing has invested substantially to integrate technology and design with its core business to help develop Hong Kong into a smarter and more sustainable city. Furthermore, Kumshing is also actively exploring opportunities to expand regionally, through its consulting and investment arm, to engage in projects relating to infrastructure development.

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