The integration of climate change mitigation efforts within the smart city blueprint is instrumental in building Hong Kong’s competence in creating a sustainable and resilient city for the future.

As an entrepreneur committed to sustainable development and in the areas of energy infrastructure specialist, Kum Shing places significant emphasis on innovation and the integration of new technologies in our daily operations and create impact and value to our clients.

We develop them through own teams, or collaborate with various suppliers, technology partners, technologies adoption supported by government and public funding. The implementation of these innovations has brought substantial benefits to different departments and functions, particularly by enhancing safety and accuracy standards.

Among the innovations deployed over 30 cases, we currently cover two key areas under Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint: Smart Environment and Smart Mobility as part of Kum Shing innovations journey.

Smart Environment

Project Management Information System (PMIS)

This platform incorporates Power Business Intelligence, a powerful tool that transforms raw data into actionable insights. This implementation has significantly reduced the countless hours previously spent on daily report preparation, and create business insights on power system and transmission works.


Kum Shing places great importance on safety compliance in which workers communication, worker training and assessment, and equipment management at every work site to maintain the highest standards of operational excellence, especially in confined spaces with poisonous gas detection. CyView is implemented as all-rounded platform aiming to streamline and to digitalize the safety compliance management within Kum Shing and its partners.


Incorporating IoT, CyRC is a tool used to manage the public lighting facilities such as basketball courts, tennis courts, soccer pitches and etc to improve lighting control and performance by offering different programmed scene settings, as well as utilizing the energy consumption and allowing lights to last longer.

Digitalization site management solution

We have successfully deployed smart applications in Sha Tau Kok Sewage Treatment Works Project (Contract no. DC/2018/03), where it generates data collection from various IoT sensors, AI and BIM for improving efficiency, quality and construction safety.  The project team use a mobile app to digitalize the daily site management process including works supervision, safety management and quality inspection to enhance site management and facilitate site supervision that enhance higher quality, safety and productivity.

Smart Mobility


The ZETTA Application is an advanced Business-to-Consumer EV Charging Station management solution. It offers seamless booking of chargers and comprehensive carpark management functionalities, with online and offline payment options.

KS Fleet

KS Fleet (KSmart – system platform name) is a comprehensive fleet administration and maintenance management system with advanced features, including Gate in/out by license plate, pool car operations and charger bookings.

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