Sales & Marketing

Kum Shing takes pride in providing a wide range of services and products across multiple sectors, delivering exceptional value to our esteemed clients and industry partners. Our consistent success across various areas of our business stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to being a trusted and reliable partner.

Residential Property

Drawing upon our team of seasoned professionals in property development, urban planning, and architectural design, Kum Shing possesses not only the competence to construct exceptional residential and institutional properties but also excels in the domains of property sales and rentals.

Noble House, our recent influential residential project in Dongguan, is a testament to our strengths. This development showcased our well-established aptitude for effectively marketing and positioning residential properties, ultimately leading to resounding success in sales within a remarkably short timeframe.

Renewable Energy

At Kum Shing, we are renowned for our exceptional expertise in the installation of photovoltaic systems, a testament to our comprehensive knowledge and proficiency in Building Information Modeling (BIM). Our headquarters, Newport Centre, proudly hosts one of Hong Kong’s largest rooftop solar panel installations, generating electricity that contributes to the sustainable energy landscape.

Furthermore, we extend our services to encompass Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), offering comprehensive solutions to optimize energy utilization and storage. The electricity generated from these innovative systems is strategically sold to electricity suppliers, showcasing our exceptional skills in negotiating contracts, implementing effective pricing strategies and executing impactful marketing initiatives to promote these sustainable energy offerings.

Through our advanced technical capabilities, astute negotiation skills, and strategic marketing expertise, we continue to establish Kum Shing as a leading player in the renewable energy market, driving positive change and contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.

Electric Vehicle Charging

As Kum Shing’s new business offering, ZETTA provides value-added solutions and services for various stakeholders, including corporations seeking to enhance their fleet operations, carpark operators aiming to elevate their value and both the government and consumers eager to promote the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs).

With 15 years of fleet management experience and nearly 20% of our fleet consisting of EVs, Kum Shing has developed a mature system to effectively manage fleet teams of different sizes. We assist corporations with fleet teams of varying scales in managing their fleets efficiently.

One of the challenges in popularizing EVs is the lack of charging facilities, and ZETTA offers a solution to address this issue. ZETTA provides DC fast charging and group charging solutions with a charging power of up to 480kW. These solutions cater to commercial fleets, taxis, other public transportation, and private EV drivers, making charging faster and more convenient. Carpark facilities equipped with ZETTA installations not only enhance the overall quality of carpark services but also add value to the properties themselves.

Lastly, unlike other EV charging applications that are limited to accessing information from specific brands or services, the ZETTA application serves as the ultimate platform for drivers. It offers access to data from all brands and services in one convenient application. This innovative service has positioned us as an industry leader, meeting the increasing demand for EV charging solutions.

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