Fleet Management

Kum Shing provides professional services across hundreds of sites and infrastructures throughout Hong Kong. To ensure the smooth daily operations, our team is required to promptly and safely reach these sites. Our fleet team comprises various types of vehicles, including cars, vans, lorries, and Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), as well as over 50 electric vehicles demonstrating our leadership in the industry in terms of scale and application.

As our fleet team travels across Hong Kong daily, prioritizing road safety is paramount. We have deployed hundreds of monitoring vehicles to ensure the proper and timely execution of our projects. The management team places significant emphasis on driving safety. In 2010, we introduced a global positioning system (GPS) to record the driving speed of each vehicle. If multiple instances of speeding are recorded within a short period, drivers will be promptly suspended. They will then undergo a driving attitude assessment and must pass the safe driving monitoring before they can resume driving the company vehicles.

Furthermore, we consistently remind our staff about safe driving practices and the importance of thorough pre-checks before operating vehicles. We also invite government officials to deliver seminars on driving safety, further ensuring the safety of our fleet.

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