Our Approach

Upholding Responsibilities

As a dedicated specialist in energy infrastructure, we are fully aware of our responsibility to our people, clients, business partners, community, and the environment. We have made a strong commitment to integrating sustainability considerations into every facet of our business and providing sustainable solutions for our clients.

Sound governance serves as a foundational pillar of sustainability. The Board of Directors is dedicated to driving sustainability progress and has assigned specific responsibilities to the Sustainability Committee to ensure closer oversight and valuable insights for consistently enhancing Kum Shing’s sustainability performance.


Taking Action

The global community is facing one of its greatest challenges to date with climate change, as highlighted in the latest report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Hong Kong, like many other cities, is currently grappling with the impact of rising temperatures and more frequent extreme weather events. The devastating effects of super typhoons Hato in 2017, Mangkhut in 2018, and Saola in 2023, along with the “once-in-a-century” rainstorm, are still etched in our memories. Climate action can no longer be delayed; it must be promptly instated.

At Kum Shing, we take steps to decarbonize our operations and achieve net-zero carbon intensity by 2049/50. We also prioritize strengthening our efforts to help our clients meet their sustainability goals with holistic solutions and elevated services.

Our Carbon Reduction Goals

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