Hong Kong International Airport is renowned globally and regionally as a prominent aviation hub, setting out Hong Kong’s positioning in financial, touristic, logistic areas. We are so delighted to provide modification works for the traction power supply system for airport’s Terminal 1 APM system.

We take full responsibility for the design, supply, and installation of essential equipment, ranging from high voltage transformers to low-voltage power circuit breaker switchgear, harmonic filters, batteries, chargers, uninterruptible power supply systems, traction power supply cables, high-voltage standby generators, high voltage power circuit breaker switchgear, and high-voltage equipment supervisory control and data acquisition.

In addition, our Electrical and Mechanical Department successfully secured the installation contract for the Baggage Handling System at Terminal 2. This project involved meticulous planning, monitoring, quality control, testing, and commissioning. It stands as one of the largest and most significant mechanical engineering contracts undertaken by Kum Shing.

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