Kum Shing adheres to the principle of “Focus on People” and considers its employees as the most valuable asset. The company places significant emphasis on training, providing various training programs and internship opportunities for employees and even industry professionals.

Formal Training Schemes, Scheme “A”

Kum Shing offers employees a comprehensive career plan. Our engineering graduate training program, which is approved by The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE), covers the 3 major fields of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and civil engineering. Not only does this program provide competitive packages, but also on-the-job training of relevant professionals. Moreover, Kum Shing encourages employees to pursue continuous learning by providing a scholarship of up to HKD120,000.

Diploma Apprenticeship Program

Kum Shing places a strong emphasis on providing practical work experience through apprenticeship programs for diploma or advanced diploma graduates. These programs enable graduates to apply and practice the skills they have learned in college. This year, Kum Shing has collaborated with the Vocational Training Council (VTC) for the first time, providing additional support and job opportunities for students in the Civil Engineering Department. This partnership allows us to forge closer connections with young individuals aspiring to enter the engineering industry.

Summer Internship Program

The 6-week internship programme welcomes all students with a diploma or above pursuing STEM-related disciplines to join. This program embodies 3 major features, including personal mentorship, inter-departmental working practice, as well as the opportunity to interact with the CEO and senior management team. Interns will gain valuable job exposure and expand their network in preparation for post-graduation career planning.

KS Academy

Kum Shing invests in ongoing technical training and facilities, establishing the “KS Academy”. The academy ensures frontline employees receive appropriate training for the growing and complex construction industry. It also focuses on attracting and training young talents.

The curriculum of the academy was redesigned in 2021 to incorporate more up-to-date skills. The academy offers diverse training programs in multiple engineering fields, allowing employees to obtain skilled worker registration qualifications upon completion and assessment.

CIC Accredited Training Centre

Since 2015, Kum Shing has been recognized by the Construction Industry Council (CIC) for organizing cable jointing courses. The courses aimed to provide qualified professional training and assessments for workers who were interested in entering the industry. This once again demonstrated our full commitment to supporting the cultivation of local technical talents!

CLP Power Engineering Laboratory

The Kum Shing team has supported cable installation and terminations and associated cable testing for the 11kV training switchboards in the CLP Power Engineering Laboratory in the Waterfront Annex of the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Haking Wong) in Cheung Sha Wan. HV equipment supplied by vendors including Tamco, Siemens and Schneider were connected by the Kum Shing team. Such equipment is now sited in the training lab to simulate high-voltage working environments. Students can learn about and practice critical procedures for safe operation in the field. This is Hong Kong’s only approved training site to offer EMSD-accredited programs to the public for Grade “H” registered electrical worker status.

Kum Shing Young Professional Club

The “Kum Shing Young Professional Club” cultivates young engineers within the group. It organizes diverse training activities and arranges study tours for them to interact with local professionals in different locations. These initiatives aim to enhance their skills, broaden their horizons, and foster mutual growth with the group.

Sports & Recreation Club

Kum Shing provides employees with comprehensive support with a “Focus on People” approach, encouraging the development of personal talents in multiple dimensions. The Sports & Recreation Club (SRC) organizes a wide range of activities, including sports like running and hiking, as well as arts and volunteering. These activities promote physical well-being, creativity, teamwork, and community engagement, fostering a holistic sense of growth and well-being within the company.

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