Castle Peak Power Station Emissions Control Project

Hong Kong
CLP Power
Power Generation, Project Management, Electrical & Mechanical
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Kum Shing provides construction, repair, and maintenance services for the infrastructure and equipment in power plants. Through our work in power stations, we assist Hong Kong in achieving emission reduction goals through the Emissions Control Projects we participate in.

In 2008, we successfully won the Emissions Control Project at Castle Peak Power Station.


Castle Peak Power Station Emissions Control Project

Aiming to improve the air quality in the Pearl River Delta region, Kum Shing installed Selected Catalyst Reactor systems in the CPPS-B, reducing the emission of nitrogen oxides by over 50%, in combination with other measures.


Castle Peak Power Station Coal Mill Maintenance and Repair Contract

Winning the first contract of CLP Power that applied the NEC model in Hong Kong, Kum Shing was responsible for the maintenance works of coal mill units at Castle Peak Power Station as well as the systems surrounding the power station, in meeting the needs of the use of green coal.


Castle Peak Power Station Boiler Maintenance and Repair Contract

Kum Shing was responsible for the maintenance and repair works for heavy mechanical equipment, including the coal-fired boilers at Castle Peak Power Station and waste heat steam boilers at Black Point Power Station. Unnecessary deterioration of the boiler can then be reduced, and thereby maintain a high level of power generation efficiency.

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