SRC and YPC AGM Concluded With Great Success

The Annual General Meeting & Cocktail Party, co-organized by the Kum Shing Sports & Recreation Club (SRC) and the Young Professional Club (YPC), was successfully held. Rex and Ann, the Presidents of YPC and SRC respectively, expressed their gratitude and presented souvenirs to the committee members for their past efforts. Their best wishes were also extended to the new members of the committee, encouraging them to lead both clubs to greater success.

Both the outgoing and incoming committee members gathered at the cocktail party, engaging in fruitful discussions about the future development of SRC and YPC. The event was enhanced by delicious food and beverages, as well as a wonderful live band performance.

Under the leadership of the new committees, SRC and YPC will continue to organize a diverse range of meaningful recreational, sports, volunteer, and professional exchange activities for colleagues, promoting a positive and healthy corporate culture while fostering professional development among colleagues.

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