Full Support for the Adoption of Smart Site Safety System

The Development Bureau and the Construction Industry Council (CIC) have jointly launched the “Smart Site Safety System Labelling Scheme” (4S) to drive wider adoption of “4S” in the industry and provide a safe working environment for site personnel. CEO Rex attended the launching ceremony in his capacity as the Chairperson of the Committee on Construction Safety of CIC. Ms. Bernadette Linn, JP, the Secretary for Development, Mr. Ricky Lau, JP, the Permanent Secretary for Development (Works), Ir Professor Thomas Ho, the Chairman of CIC, Ir Albert Cheng, the Executive Director of CIC, and Mr. Vincent Fung, JP, the Deputy Commissioner for the Labour Department (Occupational Safety and Health), were also present as stage guests.

“4S” comprises 3 major components: smart safety devices for monitoring activities, an on-site communication network for data collection from smart safety devices, and a centralized management platform for data analysis, reporting, and alert generation. The system incorporates various safety devices and detectors, including smoke detectors, temperature sensors, and danger alarm systems. By connecting these devices and detectors with the centralized management platform, immediate data analysis and alerts can be provided to site workers, ensuring comprehensive and timely monitoring. As a result, site management personnel can quickly respond to safety risks, and site safety and management efficiency can be greatly improved.

To support this initiative, Kum Shing will gradually implement the “4S” across a range of projects to apply for the label. This will enable us to continue optimizing safety levels with technology and ensure more comprehensive protection for our workers.

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