Excellent Performances by the Kum Shing Dragon Boat and Basketball Teams

The Kum Shing Dragon Boat Team has once again achieved remarkable results in the Sha Tin Dragon Boat Race! This year, the Kum Shing team sent nearly 40 athletes from different departments to clinch the Championship title in the Construction Industry Council “Construction Industry Council Enterprise Cup”, as well as the First Runner-Up position in the CLP “CLP Cup.” The excellent performance left us all bursting with pride.  Meanwhile, the Kum Shing Basketball Team seized the win after a tense game , securing the Second Runner-Up title in the Shield competition.

Recognizing the importance of life balance, Kum Shing is committed to fostering the recreational and wellness development of colleagues by organizing and encouraging participation in various sports and recreational activities. The outstanding performances demonstrated the team spirit and holistic capabilities of our staff. Let’s express our heartfelt congratulations to the Kum Shing Dragon Boat and the Basketball Teams!

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