While carrying out engineering operations, Kum Shing highly values the relationship with the community. Being the first in the industry to deploy a team of “Community Relations Ambassadors”, we believe effective communication with the public, together with tactics to reduce environmental impact of our operation services, leads to better public relations.

Community Relations Ambassadors assist passers-by such as elderly, students and people in need to go by the sites on the busy streets. Apart from handling enquiries, Ambassadors proactively communicate with schools and businesses nearby about the construction project, in order to understand and cater for the needs of stakeholders.

Meanwhile, KS upholds the philosophy of giving back to the society from which one is benefited. Not only do we support local charities and education projects, we also cooperate with community organizations such as Oxfam and Tung Wah Group of Hospitals to serve the community. We made donations for the establishment and development of Hong Kong Baptist University Affiliated School Wong Kam Fai Secondary and Primary School in support of Hong Kong’s education development. We also encourage all KS members to actively take part in volunteering by which our caring culture can be spread to the community.

Kum Shing WKF Education and Charity Foundation was established in 1996 to provide support for impoverished students. It has donated a portion of Kum Shing Group’s profits to the Foundation every year since then. Since the Foundation’s inception, it funded a multitude of projects including schools, bursaries, medical services, sponsorship of hospitals and disaster aid. Beneficiaries have included people from all walks of life.