Underpinning everything Kum Shing does as a company is the emphasis we place on our biggest asset: our people.

Our ongoing investment in technical training and training facilities, together with the establishment of Kum Shing Academy, ensures our team receives the appropriate training to cope with the rapid expansion and increasing complexity of our construction and engineering business. The Academy is also devoted to attract young people and strengthen their understanding and recognition of the industry.

The Academy runs 3 training centers which provide a variety of technical training programs for specific trades of construction. Upon completion of certain training courses and passing of assessments of related trade divisions, trainees can obtain qualification of worker registration, laying the cornerstone for their career development in the engineering field.

KS Academy also provides On-The-Job Training to young entrants according to their qualifications and career goals. Taking care of their personal and professional development at different stages, we aim at nurturing a team that possesses both theoretical knowledge and practical work experience.

Interest in construction and engineering industry grows in recent years among young people. We offer students internship and placement opportunities in different areas of the business appropriate for their educational stages, allowing a better understanding of the vibrant future of the industry. We hope more young aspirants will take to the industry, and build the prosperous future for Hong Kong together with us.