Reliable energy infrastructure is crucial for Hong Kong’s socio-economic development, which is also Kum Shing’s core business.

Since its establishment in 1963, our company has emerged as the only enterprise in Hong Kong capable of providing solutions encompassing power generation, transmission, distribution, and utilization engineering services throughout the city. Upholding our long-term commitment in providing infrastructure development, operation and maintenance services to CLP Power, HK Electric and the HKSAR Government, Kum Shing’s services can be seen at every corner of the city, from underground cabling works on the roads to the extensive network of street lights, as well as heavy machinery and high-voltage electrical services in power plants and substations. 

Drawing upon our extensive expertise on E&M systems and civil engineering, Kum Shing has also actively contributed to the development of Hong Kong’s railway network over the past decade. Our involvement has encompassed nearly every MTR line, together with our power infrastructure projects, underscoring the breadth of our business reach throughout the city and highlighting the benefits brought by a reliable infrastructural service to the public. 

To keep up with the trend on sustainability and support the government’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, Kum Shing is keen on environmental infrastructure development.  Apart from the provision of “waste-to-energy” infrastructure development services, including biogas power generating units and heat recovery steam generators, we have completed the D1 gas-fired units at Black Point Power Station while the D2 project being almost concluded. The reprovision of OCGT units at Lamma Power Station is also in full swing. These developments all contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions. 

As for “Power 2.0,” Kum Shing, already with one of the largest commercial EV fleet in Hong Kong, has recently introduced ZETTA, a new venture providing fast electric vehicles charging solutions, and established the largest commercial EV charging centre in Hong Kong. This initiative is a collaborated effort with the transportation industry, technology sector, and various stakeholders to drive for the adoption of EV and zero-carbon transportation. Furthermore, Kum Shing remains committed to developing renewable energy, including the provision of BESS (Battery Energy Storage System), which offers stable solar power to our clients, as well as, operating the city’s largest private PV system at our headquarters building.  

Excelling in power, transportation, environmental, and Power 2.0, our unique business proposition has established Kum Shing’s distinctive position as an “energy infrastructure specialist”. This year marks the 60th anniversary of Kum Shing. In the future, we will uphold the spirit of excellence, coupled with our experience and recognition, working conjointly with clients and stakeholders to achieve a future full of opportunities and contribute to the society.