Kum Shing’s style of corporate governance is built upon the potent combination of family ownership and professional management. KS is driven by a long-term focus to achieve steady growth, and adopt meritocratic human resources management practices.

KS’s corporate governance structure clearly specifies the distribution of rights and responsibilities among the Chief Executive Officer, Senior Management Team, Middle Management and General Staff. Multiple top-down platforms are set up for decision making, planning, communication, and sharing of management information.

Over the years, KS has gone through different stages of development and has faced changes in the external environment. Strategic plans have been adjusted accordingly to steadily enhance the overall corporate governance and competitiveness. Performance Excellence Model was introduced to the planning of long-term management, and has been implemented to strengthen modernized management in various fields of the business.

Being the first in the industry to win the HKMA Quality Award Gold Award, KS demonstrates insistence on quality. KS’s sustainable development relies on our devoted staff members, supportive business partners, outstanding management and prudent business strategies.