Kum Shing is committed to adhering to the highest practical standard of Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) performance in our operations and services; and striving towards the goal of ‘Zero Incident’ of safety performance.

We pursue this commitment by:

  • Complying with relevant statutory regulations, industrial standards and client requirements related to OHS;
  • Identifying, assessing, eliminating and controlling OHS hazards and risks throughout the planning, operation and delivery of services;
  • Implementing adequate OHS measures and controls that contribute towards a healthy and safe working environment for employees and subcontractors to prevent physical harm or, impairment to health of workforce and damages to facilities;
  • Ensuring the safety of visitors to our premises and of the public directly affected by our work;
  • Providing adequate resources, support, instructions and appropriate training to employees at all levels to ensure works are performed in a safe manner ;
  • Performing audits, data analyses and management reviews regularly to ensure the effectiveness and suitability of the integrated management system and the fulfillment of the established OHS objectives and targets;
  • Adopting a continual improvement approach to embedding the safety first culture in daily management and to enhancing the OH&S performance;
  • Consulting and participating of all persons performing work or work-related activities that are under control of Kum Shing, and, if any their representatives, regularly in the implementation of OH&S management throughout the planning, operation and delivery of services with an attempt to remove any barriers to consultation and participation; and
  • Encouraging all persons performing work or work-related activities that are under control of Kum Shing to report incidents, hazards, risks and opportunities by all means and responding to their suggestions;
  • Working with our key clients actively to launch comprehensive safety initiatives or programmes to facilitate the awareness of OH&S in the industry.

Director and senior management of Kum Shing shall ensure that the OH&S management system as a part of the integrated management system achieves the requirement of this Policy and is well implemented in Kum Shing.

This OH&S Policy shall be well comprehended by and communicated to all people working for or on behalf of Kum Shing, who shall also be requested to actively contribute to the improvement of the Group’s OH&S performance.