10 Feb 2024

Lunar New Year Celebrations

On the first day of the Lunar New Year, Kum Shing’ management gathered at the Headquarters with colleagues and their family members for a series of festive celebrations with lion dance performance and worship by CEO Rex. Red packets were also distributed to colleagues and their family members to celebrate the new year joy together! Meanwhile, Rex distributed red packets at the Headquarters and various site offices on the first day of work according to traditions. The locations included the Castle Peak Power Station, Black Point Power Station, Lamma Power Station, Tsing Yi Chemical Waste Treatment Centre, Lai Chi Kok office and Logistic Centre.

19 Jan 2024

YPC Taiwan Study Tour Broadening Young Talents’ Horizon

The Kum Shing Young Professional Club (YPC) recently embarked on an incredible journey to Taiwan, immersing themselves in the latest technologies in energy, environment, transportation, and sustainability. Throughout this trip, our young talents explored Taiwan’s cutting-edge advancements while having the invaluable opportunity to interact with and learn from senior management members, fostering both personal and professional growth. Our team had a packed yet meaningful itinerary, visiting key locations such as the Bali Refuse Incineration Plant, Siemens Taiwan, Metro Taipei Operations Control Center, Taipei MRT Beitou Depot – Rolling Stock Plant, Gogoro Network, and the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park in Taipei. Continuing their journey in Hualian and Yilan, they also visited the Heping Power Plant and the Taiwan Cement Company DAKA Park. Undeniably, this out-town visit was an eye-opening experience, inspiring our young professionals to push boundaries and embrace innovation. The YPC plays a pivotal role in cultivating young professionals within the group. Through diverse training activities and study tours, we aim to enhance their skills, broaden their horizons, and facilitate mutual growth with the group. We believe in providing our young professionals with every opportunity to excel and make a positive impact in their fields.

06 Dec 2023

Kum Shing Group’s 60th Anniversary Cocktail Reception Concluded with Great Success

The Kum Shing Group’s 60th Anniversary Cocktail Reception held on December 6 th concluded with tremendous success! We were pleased to have invited leaders and business partners from the urban infrastructure sector in Hong Kong to witness the Group’s past achievements and share the vision of “Building a Brighter Future” at the event.

Before delivering the opening speech, CEO Rex led the guests in a moment of silence to pay tribute to our former Chairman, Ir Dr. Peter K.K. Wong, GBS, JP. During his speech, Rex expressed his gratitude to the loyal support from different sectors and affirmed the contributions of colleagues over the past 60 years. He also expressed his hope that Kum Shing could continue to uphold the core values of integrity, sincerity, and commitment, and thereby striving a better future for Hong Kong. “We aim to take the company to a new level in the next five years, step by step, building new capabilities on top of our existing core, and responding to the needs of society and the market to create even greater value for our clients. We remain committed to contributing our efforts to the sustainable development of Hong Kong and the well-being of the citizens in the long run”, Rex remarked.

In line with our vision to creating a “Brighter Future”, two displays demonstrating Kum Shing’s latest sustainability concepts were showcased. The Eco Pylons embodied our sustainable vision by incorporating the concept of circular economy, through upgrading and transforming pylons and salvaged structural wood from electrical poles. It will be equipped with solar panels to provide various power services for hikers, such as Wi-Fi networks, mobile phone charging, weather data, and more. The solar charging station display illustrated a potential solution for charging electric scooters and bicycles using solar devices within the community. The aim is to promote a sustainable life cycle and to facilitate energy transition. These stations can be installed in public parking lots, transportation hubs, and schools, enabling citizens to conveniently charge their electric mobility devices for daily travel.

13 Nov 2023

Breakthroughs in Railways: Tung Chung Line Extension Project

Over the past years, Kum Shing has been providing multi-disciplinary railway engineering services for clients. The Electrical & Mechanical Department recently won a power supply system contract of approximately 280 million dollars, once again marking a milestone in the railway area!

Our railway team will perform various engineering works for the power supply system at Tung Chung Line Extension, Siu Ho Wan Depot Phase 1 and Oyster Bay Station, including design, supply, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance. Significant breakthroughs have been successfully achieved in various aspects. This marked the first contract where Kum Shing was awarded as the joint venture leader for the power supply system of the new railway line. Additionally, it was the first railway E&M contract awarded under the NEC4 ECC – Option C. By adopting the NEC4 approach, Kum Shing not only brings our rich experience in railway works to the project but also applies innovative technologies and ideas, such as Building Information Modelling, to ensure the successful completion of the project.

Tung Chung Line Extension is one of the key parts of the Tung Chung New Town Extension. The new line will synchronize the community and transportation network at Northern Lantau Island, providing huge support for the community, transportation, and career demands for the integration of districts.

29 Sep 2023

Be Ready at All Times in Rain and Storms

Super typhoon Saola and rainstorms wreaked havoc on Hong Kong’s infrastructure in early September. A number of emergency teams were deployed to maintain smooth operation of infrastructure and transportation facilities, so that the citizens’ daily lives were not affected.

Following the passage of typhoon, the Power System Department quickly dispatched working teams to repair the damaged low voltage overhead lines at Hung Shui Kiu MTR Bus Depot and Ma On Kong in Yuen Long. Attribute to the quick response of the teams, the maintenance work was successfully completed in 4 hours, minimizing the interruptions to customers and nearby residents significantly.

The Urban Facilities Department also dispatched working teams to carry out emergency maintenance for the damaged public lighting facilities. Besides, the teams went to various districts to conduct inspection and maintenance before downpour, to ensure the public lighting facilities could reliably operate in heavy rain.

24 Aug 2023

Honoured With United Nations SDG Achievement Awards

Kum Shing Group stays dedicated to building a more sustainable future. Our new energy business, ZETTA, was honoured with two prestigious United Nations SDG Achievement Awards: Outstanding Impact Project Award, and, Individual SDG Award for Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure. This recognition not only highlights Kum Shing’s capabilities but also our determination to pioneer and create an influential impact on the transportation industry. Leveraging knowledge and decades of experience in energy, ZETTA is well placed to provide a comprehensive EV charging network, and DC group-charging technology.

19 Jul 2023

Welcoming A New Era Zero-carbon Transportation with the Successful Launch of ZETTA

Kum Shing’s new business ZETTA was officially launched on July 19, and the opening ceremony took place at the “Kum Shing EV Control Centre”. Dr. Kenneth Leung, the Principal Assistant Secretary for Environment and Ecology (Air Policy) of the Environment, Ecology Bureau, and Mr. Ricky Ho, the Assistant Commissioner (Technical Services) of the Transport Department were the honorable guests of the ceremony. Together with the honorable guests, CEO Rex witnessed the signing of cooperation agreements between ZETTA and 5 strategic partners, namely Shenzhen CEGN Co.,Ltd., Xiamen Ampace Technology Limited, Kwoon Chung Bus Holdings Limited, Ev Dynamics, and Man Fung Auto Limited. The guests then visited the Kum Shing carpark and learnt more through the demonstration of ZETTA EV group charging and fast charging services.

In response to the government’s roadmap for EV popularization, ZETTA aims to establish a comprehensive EV charging network in Hong Kong, delivering convenient, excellent, and reliable fast charging and group charging services to commercial fleets, taxis, other public transportations, and private EV drivers. ZETTA will also offer consultation of power and EV charging solutions, EV charger installation services, and fleet management solution services, ushering in a new era of zero-carbon transportation.

04 Jul 2023

Kum Shing Diamond Jubilee Cup Dragon Boat Race Concluded With A Great Success

Kum Shing Diamond Jubilee Cup Dragon Boat Race was successfully held at the Dragon Boat Festival, marking a wonderful kickstart to the Kum Shing 60th anniversary celebration! The competition presented a great lineup with great support from our clients and industry partners, including the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD), Construction Industry Council (CIC), CLP Power (CLP), MTR, Hong Kong Construction Sub-Contractors Association (HKCSA), and Chun Wo Development Holdings (Chun Wo). EMSD and CLP won the champion and first runner-up respectively, while Kum Shing Dragon Boat Team finished third with an outstanding performance. Besides, our team won the third runner-up in the CIC Construction Industry Council Enterprise Cup as well. Congratulations!

Kum Shing is committed to promoting the recreational development of employees. Adhering to the Corporate’s belief, the Kum Shing Dragon Boat Team has been providing regular training and racing opportunities for colleagues who are passionate about dragon boat racing since establishing in 2012. Our fantastic performance this year has once again exemplified the spirit of cooperation!

16 May 2023

Bringing “Waste To Energy” To The Fore

Kum Shing has been working on a new chemical plant for the Environmental Protection Department at the Chemical Waste Treatment Centre (CWTC) over the past five years. The new incinerator can not only increase the efficiency of waste treatment but also generate power for the operation of the facilities by bringing “Waste To Energy” to the fore.  The CWTC Project Team of the Process & Plant Department completed the lifting and installation of the three large-scale waste heat boilers, marking a key milestone for this project.

The three sets of waste heat boilers weighing more than 150 tons were transported from Zhangjiagang to Dongguan by land, then to Hong Kong by sea. Long consumption times and excessive usage of people and resources were big challenges in the project. Completing all the work with a tight schedule of only three days was another obstacle. Workers had to sprint against the clock using their profession and experience to ensure the tasks were completed precisely.

28 Apr 2023

Continuous Contribution To Sustainability

Kum Shing’s environmental efforts are well-recognized by the industry. The two important awards received in 2022/23 have given us a boost to our outstanding performance. Kum Shing was honored with the “Environmental, Health and Safety Award (Large Corporation) – Silver” in the Hong Kong Green Awards 2022, as well as the “Environmental Merit Award” at the HKCA Hong Kong Construction Environmental Awards, in recognition of our outstanding management and operations in environmental protection, health, and safety. Kum Shing will diligently implement environmental protection concepts to contribute to building a green city for a better and sustainable future for Hong Kong.

02 Mar 2023

Trawling for Talents

To attract young talents with the desire to enter the construction industry, Kum Shing launched the Summer Internship Programme in June this year. During the internship period, the interns from various institutions and countries acquired practical working experience in the construction industry through one-on-one mentorship from specialists in several fields. Furthermore, they participated in the sharing seminars in various engineering fields, and had in-depth interactions with the senior management, department heads, and frontline colleagues, getting a better understanding of the development and trends of each operation department, as well as the engineering industry.

Kum Shing treats people as valuable assets. The Corporate aims to provide opportunities for students with aspirations to join the engineering industry to prepare for career planning and learn more about the industry by gaining more working experience beforehand.

02 Feb 2023

CEO Is Appointed As A Member Of The Construction Industry Council Leadership

CEO Rex Wong JP is honoured to be appointed by the government to serve as a member of the Construction Industry Council (CIC) for a 2-year term, effective from Feb 1, 2023. Rex has been serving in the CIC since 2013, including roles such as Director of the CIC of the Zero Carbon Building Management Board, Chairperson of the Steering Committee for the first Young Construction Conference, Chairperson of the Smart Waste Management Plug-in Working Group, and Member of the Committee on Construction Safety and Committee on the Environment. Keeping sustainability, safety, and talent acquisition at the core of Kum Shing’s values, we consider Rex’s appointment a meaningful contribution to the industry.

Established in 2007, CIC is a statutory body with the mission to formulate and implement measures and initiatives for the sustainable development of Hong Kong’s construction industry.

02 Dec 2022

Sustainable Transportation To A Net-Zero Future Forum Successfully Concluded

Kumshing held the “Sustainable Transportation to a Net-Zero Future” forum at headquarters to provide industry partners with an efficient communication platform for the exchange of knowledge and fostering of partnerships in zero-emission transportation. Guest speakers, Dr. Kenneth Leung, Assistant Director (Air Policy) of the Environmental Protection Department and Mr. Michael Law, Assistant Commissioner (Technical Services) of the Transport Department were invited to share their valuable insights on the topic of attaining zero vehicular emissions. The forum marked a great success with the presence of Hon Elizabeth Quat, BBS, JP, the Chairman of Panel on Environmental Affairs of the Legislative Council, a full house of EV partners including the representatives of CLP Power, electric vehicle brands BYD, MG and Ev Dynamics, charger providers, and local transport sector including taxi, bus and minibus.

04 Nov 2022

CEO Rex Wong JP Honoured The Young Industrialist Awards of Hong Kong

CEO Rex Wong JP is honoured The Young Industrialist Awards of Hong Kong (YIAH) presented by the Federation of Hong Kong industries. The award celebrates outstanding industrialists with significant achievements. Its significance reaches far beyond a personal recognition of leadership but also the creation of value, impact and contribution to economic and social development.

27 Oct 2022

Our Professional Dedication in Process & Plant

Kumshing has been supporting Environmental Protection Department under a design-build-operate contract for the Chemical Waste Treatment Centre (CWTC) since 2020. For Kumshing, the CWTC project is a breakthrough in many areas. It is the first 15-year long DBO contract (Design, Build, Operate). Meanwhile, building the largest Clinical Waste Sterilization System in Asia enables non-stop handling for clinical waste during the maintenance period of existing incinerator. Please click to get to know more about our works at CWTC.

08 Sep 2022

Captured Enormous Opportunities from Belt and Road Initiative

Kumshing participated in The Belt and Road Initiative Forum commercial sector sharing section. As one of the representatives in the corporate professional sector, our CEO shared how Kumshing captured the Belt and Road opportunities, supporting other regions in urban planning and infrastructure development. Moving forward, Kumshing will continue contributing to Hong Kong and the Bay Area in the future through its professionalism.

20 Jul 2022

Unleash the Lo Pan Spirit

It had been another brilliant Lo Pan Patron’s Day this year. Besides traditional worship, Kumshing was also the Diamond Sponsor of the Hong Kong Construction Association’s (HKCA) celebration for the HKSAR 25th Anniversary, supporting the tramways free ride in the Lo Pan Patron’s Day. Meanwhile, our volunteer team once again joined the Construction Industry Lo Pan Rice Campaign. They distributed meal boxes and fortune bags to the underprivileged in To Kwa Wan and Yau Ma Tei. Kumshing will continue to put the Lo Pan spirit into practice and contribute back to local community through different corporate social responsibility programs.

08 Jul 2022

Kindness Shines through Oxfam Trailwalker

Kumshing continued to be the Official Engineering Consultant of Oxfam Trailwalker even when the event turned virtual last November. We were so proud to have two trailwalker teams participated too. Together with other participants, we successfully raised close to 12 million dollars through this charitable hiking activity for various poverty alleviation and emergency relief projects.

07 Jun 2022

Energy Hero

From power generation, transmission and distribution, lighting to last mile metering, Kumshing has been playing a pivotal role in the city’s energy infrastructure development. Its expertise to provide comprehensive and multidisciplinary engineering solutions to the entire electricity supply system is impeccable. Please click to know more.

04 May 2022

Our Engineering Expertise for the Railway Business

Kumshing has been supporting the development, operation and maintenance of transportation asset in Hong Kong since 2008. We are dedicated to supporting the development of Hong Kong’s transportation asset with our engineering expertise. Please click to know how our teams in the railway business contribute to enhance urban living.

06 Apr 2022

Contract to Upgrade High Voltage Power Supply System for tunnel

Kumshing has recently won the contract to replace high voltage power supply system at Cheung Tsing Tunnel. From design, procurement to construction, the team will be working closely with EMSD for the implementation. We look forward to many more in the pipeline as the transportation infrastructure in Hong Kong continued to develop.

05 Mar 2022

Let’s Fight the Virus!

In view of the pandemic situation in Hong Kong, over 250 people from different teams in Kumshing are striving continuously day and night, from cable installation to switch room electricity supply, to ensure stable and reliable power supply in various community isolation facilities. Over 150 people at our Waste Treatment Project team in Tsing Yi have been supporting the Environmental Protection Department to increase capacity to handle the massive amount of clinical waste. Despite the enormous challenges we all face, together we shall each do our part to support Hong Kong! Click to view the video

14 Jan 2022

Secured EV Charging Facilities EPC contract

Following the roadmap to guide Hong Kong’s future direction to attain zero vehicular emissions before 2050, the government is actively promoting the installation of electric vehicle charging-enabling infrastructure in car parks. Kumshing is so proud to work with Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) supplying and installing 110 chargers and related LV power supply systems for the Rumsey Street multi-storey Car Park in Sheung Wan. Further the project completion, various systems will be deployed to help manage the efficient use of energy in these facilities and to ensure convenience for EV drivers.

05 Nov 2021

Obtained CIC Sustainable Finance Certification

In support of the government’s pledge to achieve carbon neutrality before 2050, Kum Shing Holdings is mobilizing its subsidiaries to advocate sustainable development in its operation. Its pilot projects in providing one of the largest PV systems in Kowloon and developing its EV Operation Center have successfully certified under the CIC Sustainable Finance Certification Scheme. The team was privileged to attend the recent launching ceremony of the scheme with bankers. Kumshing is strived to realize green finance in the construction industry.

06 Aug 2021

Won Gold Award in the Considerate Contractors Site Award Scheme

Kumshing won 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze and 2 Merit awards in the 27th Considerate Contractors Site Award Scheme (CCSAS). It demonstrates our commitment to the highest safety standard in all our operations across different business sectors. Kumshing colleagues drove engineering projects in numerous scales. Their great dedication and hard work bear fruit and are well-acknowledged by the industry. Click here to view the video and share the proud and joy with our project teams!