The adoption of a sustainability approach has enabled Kum Shing’s growth and made possible its constant high level of service to its clients and the public over the decades. We are committed to the highest ethics in all business areas and the sustainability principle by incorporating social responsibility into board-level decisions.

Our Business

We maintain an impeccable integrity in all our business doings and a fair operating environment in contracting and procurement processes. We constantly strive to pursue continuous improvement and best practice while contributing to the sustainability of the industry.

Our People

We provide a caring and supportive working environment where a safe and healthy workplace is guaranteed, besides compliance with statutory requirements. Every employee is treated equally and fairly with opportunities for training and development as well as advancement. Various channels are set up to facilitate communication within the company to ensure employees’ views are heard and respected.

Our Environment

Going beyond legal requirements and industry standards, we care for the environment by formulating and executing pollution and waste control policies to ensure environmental impacts are minimized in our daily operations. Committees are formed to closely monitor our environmental performance and review environmental management practices in time. We proactively develop initiatives to promote an environmentally responsible culture through education to employees and sub-contractors.

Our Community

Our dedication to the community is central to our mission as a caring company striving for sustainable development. We strive to minimize works impact to the community we operate in and respect the needs of the community. We aspire to be a supportive corporate citizen and create a beneficial impact to society through our business and philanthropic activities with regular donations and community projects, in which employees are encouraged to participate.