Future is with our people, strategy, investment and commitment to building a smart city and a more sustainable future.

  • Environmental Optimization

    As the official engineering consultant for Oxfam Trailwalker, we pride ourselves on installing a temporary lighting system along the trails, ensuring that all participants enjoy a safe and pleasant experience. Furthermore, we strive to promote sustainability and a healthy lifestyle by encouraging a circular economy. We are constantly searching for existing materials that can be repurposed and recycled. In every possible way, we attempt to upcycle and repurpose these materials for the benefit of the general public.

  • Bridging the Talents

    With our accreditation to provide service in the Greater Bay Area, Kum Shing strives to facilitate the flow of talents between Hong Kong and China, providing young engineers with an opportunity to explore and advance.

  • Powering Creativity

    Promote the value of energy infrastructure through arts and collaborative projects in the community and schools, to foster an appreciation of the vital role that energy plays in our daily lives.

  • Building a Green Living Circle

    Kum Shing Group proudly launches ZETTA, a new EV infrastructure initiative, providing a true fast charging solution for electric vehicles with a charging power of up to 480 kW. We offer DC group charging, capable of simultaneously fast charging up to 12 EVs, while the satellite charging units only occupying about 10% of the space of traditional fast charging stations, which can be installed in carparks of different sizes allowing for flexible utilization of space.

    As the need for EV charging stations grows, Kum Shing Group sees modular structures with photovoltaic systems as potential solutions. Electric scooters and bicycles may also be charged by solar devices, which make them convenient means for the general public to get from their houses to public transportation. These devices can be installed in public parking lots, stations, schools, and other locations and become essential components of sustainable city infrastructure.

  • Industry & Cultural Tours

    Leveraging our connections with various associations in China, we consistently organize group tours for students and young people to explore different regions of the country. This year we are organizing a tour to the Shanxi province to provide an opportunity for our young engineers to explore the latest energy infrastructure and technologies while also appreciating the rich heritage and culture.

  • Opportunities Through the Belt & Road Initiative

    The Belt and Road Initiative presents immense opportunities in construction, engineering, and transportation. With 60 years of solid capabilities, Kum Shing aspires to export its knowledge and experience to other countries, such as Indonesia, which possesses abundant natural resources and is actively investing in transportation and energy infrastructure. Kum Shing aims to contribute to the infrastructure development of the Belt and Road Initiative, and work together to create a brighter future.

  • Employee Wellbeing

    Kum Shing is committed to the overall development of its employees, including their families and personal growths. The launch of the Wellness Hub aims to encourage employees to achieve life balances, where they can utilize the space to take a break, socialize, and even organize volunteer activities, allowing employees to enhance their skills in all areas.

    In addition, we have lined up an NGO, HELP for Domestic Workers, to promote a harmonious household by encouraging fair treatment of domestic helpers and mutual respect between employers and domestic helpers. Domestic helpers play a vital role in our families and the economy, by taking care of the chores and the needs of each family member.

    Through this collaboration, we also provide assistance and consultation to employees who hire domestic helpers, ensuring that they can confidently entrust their household tasks to domestic helpers, thus creating a happy family.