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  1963 - 1984

Early in 1950s and 1960s, hundreds of thousands of Mainland immigrants came to Hong Kong as the new driving force for economic development. Originated from Dongguan, Mr KF Wong came to Hong Kong and seized the opportunity of growing construction demand. By starting his subcontracting business in 1963 with the spirit of sincerity, integrity and commitment, he strived for best performance and earned the valuable trust of clients.

  • Kum Shing located at 28 Tsun Fat Street, Kowloon
  • Started business in Kowloon and New Territories
  • Focused on minor civil works including substation building and cable trenching
  • Expanded to the field of road lighting and electrical installation
  • Assisted in installation when HSBC first introduced ATM machine to Hong Kong

  1985 - 1997

Hong Kong's return to China was confirmed by the Sino-British Joint Declaration in early 1980s. In the contrast of the waves of mass migrations, Mr KK Wong, who was then in Canada for his professional engineering career, had chosen to return to Hong Kong and to take in charge of Kum Shing. With a full confidence for Hong Kong’s future, he explored various business areas and focused particularly on quality management by introducing international management systems to Hong Kong.

  • Adopted International Five Star Health and Safety Management System
  • Became first local trenching-work company that received ISO certification
  • Admitted as Approved Contractor for Electrical Installation Works
  • Expanded public lighting work to Hong Kong Island
  • Expanded to more fields including building, overhead line and pipeline installation


1998 - 2010

Hong Kong was gripped by the Asian Financial Crisis and the terrible SARS epidemic after 1997. While the whole society was determined to ride over the difficulties together, the management of Kum Shing has also adopted a new strategic model that includes a series of acquisitions and establishment of new businesses, in order to build and strengthen its important role in the market of power generation and distribution.

  • Integrated Management System accredited by BSI Pacific
  • Committed to high safety standard together with staff and sub-contractors
  • Provision of HKIE Graduate Scheme "A" Training Program
  • Established government-recognized training centers for cable jointing and overhead line
  • Introduced heavy mechanical services for power plants
  • Developed a full range of capability in electrical services

  2011 -

While HKSAR marks its 15th anniversary since the handover, Kum Shing has been actively expanding its services in transportation and utilities in response to the growing needs created by the major infrastructure projects and urban development in Hong Kong. Through the continuous progress in corporate governance and social responsibility, Kum Shing has been preparing for the development of the next generation in order to embrace greater opportunities in its 6th decade and beyond.

  • The first construction company that won top prize at HKMA Quality Award
  • Extended framework agreement with CLP Power with a vision to further explore cooperation
  • Adopted New Engineering Contract (NEC) with CLP Power and Drainage Services Department
  • Listed as Approved Contractor for Public Works in Roads & Drainage (Group C)
  • Engaged MTRC to provide efficient electrical services for new strategic rail extensions
  • Developed a full range of services for public lighting system in major areas of the city